• Natasha

    Winchester, Hampshire

    Kevin is my hero. Without him I would not have passed my driving test. I honestly thought I was a hopeless case and would never pass. I was crippled with nerves pretty much the whole time I was learning. I'd burst into tears every time something went wrong and had no self confidence. Now I feel confident in my abilities. I'm a good driver because of him. No other instructor could have helped me the way Kevin did. He is the perfect teacher. Kevin is kind, patient, funny and more than that a friend. Now that i've passed my test I miss having him in the car with me. If you don't take the opportunity to learn to drive with Kevin then you are missing out and probably not learning as much as you could be. In my eyes there is no one better.

  • Sam

    Stockbridge, Hampshire

    Kev was my third driving instructor I was on the verge of giving up but he kept me going and gave me the enthusiasm I needed to think positively about my test. Kev is brilliant, an amazing teacher who lightens the lessons with banter! I miss spending tuesday afternoons with him. I wouldn't recommend anyone else!

  • Steph

    Winchester, Hampshire

    Kevin was a great instructor to me...not only did you learn but you had a laugh too! It took me a while to become confident in driving but thanks to Kevin, I am now on the road and loving it!

  • Gareth

    Eastleigh, Hampshire

    Kevin was my second driving instructor, enjoyed my lessons with him, also I passed first time with him. Would highly recommend him.

  • Mike

    Winchester, Hampshire

    I passed first time with only one minor and it was all thanks to Kev. He is a brilliant instructor and I would recommend him highly. He makes lessons fun and enjoyable and he always makes sure he teaches you in a way you can understand.

  • Fran

    Easleight, Hampshire

    Kev is an amazing instructor who has different techniques to help his students do things such as manoeuvres. He is a calm instructor who has a laugh as well as teaches amazingly. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

  • Ann

    Winchester, Hampshire

    Kev is the best instructor i have ever found, very punctual and teaches passionately. He understands the weakest points of students and makes them practice over and over again. I found his manoeuvring techniques are very easy to follow. Will recommend him to anyone definitely.

  • Roma

    Winchester, Hampshire

    I had a driving assessment and was advised to have some lessons in an automatic using a driving ball I had 6 hours tuition with Kev, including motorway driving and the specialist instructor advised me to book the full on road assessment straight away such was the standard of Kev's tuition. I would definitely recommend him.

  • Lil

    Eastleigh, Hampshire

    Kevs a great instructor passed my test in May 2013. He kept me motivated and positive, always on time and went the extra mile would recommend Kevin tanners driving school.

  • Pedro

    Alresford, Hampshire

    I have been driving since age 11 and needed to pass the UK test to get a licence in this country. I thought it was going to be a walk in the park, but i actually ended up needing quite a few more lessons than initially planned. Kev was a fantastic instructor, and my understanding of the road now is a lot greater than it was when we started. I would recommend him without any hesitation.

  • Camilla

    Winchester, Hampshire

    Kev is an excellent teacher and helped me to pass my test first time. He's very friendly and relaxed, but professional, and made me feel calm when learning to drive. Big Thank You!

  • Tamika

    Winchester, Hampshire

    I have had about a year and a halfs experience before i went to Kev, I have had many different instructors in the past and he was definitely the best. He was rather patient and calmed me down which is never easy. I passed with Kev after quite a few attempts with other driving instructors. I have also recommended him to a few friends. Thank you Kevin!

  • Rob

    Winchester, Hampshire

    Kev was a great instructor. I passed my first test with him after 3 weeks of lessons. Highly recommended and a great guy too!

  • Sam

    Ovington, Hampshire

    Kev was awesome for me. I never had any luck with driving; I even managed to fail my theory test a few times, and I was always prone to random swerving or forgetting observations. But with Kev's amazing patience, I worked over all these problems with much less stress than i deserved! Added to this, he knows Winchester like the back of his hand, knows everything there is to know about the test, and all the routes and techniques involved, and gives you the best possible chance to pass.

  • Anna

    Winchester, Hampshire

    After passing my test first time, I felt Kev really took my best interests into account, giving me the belief and confidence, that i was ready, not pushing me too soon and certainly not encouraging me to take more lessons than I needed. Thank you Kev for all your help and support.

  • Lauren

    Kings Somborne, Hampshire

    Kev was my second instructor and he has so much patience! Would recommend him to anyone.

  • Gopal

    Bramdean, Hampshire

    I passed my test first time round thanks to Kevin! He is friendly and knowledgeable, He put me at ease with his friendly banter and helpful mock tests. Kevin's lesson before the test was particularly reassuring and invaluable. He highlighted the aspects of my driving that I had to pay attention to and rectify to pass the test with ease.

  • Charles

    Winchester, Hampshire

    "I had Kev right from the start and he was a great instructor with a really clear way of explaining things. He is calm in the car and was excellent at preparing me for my test. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

  • Kesley

    Bramdean, Hampshire

    Kev is the best driving instructor i've ever had! I started driving with someone different and the experience was horrible!! I phoned Kev and explained and he was so understanding and took me on that week! After a couple of weeks of driving with Kev I felt that I had learnt a lot! I passed my test first time and I couldn't of done it without Kev! He is the best ever!! Thanks Kev!

  • Leela

    Winchester, Hampshire

    Kev immediately put me at ease on my first lesson and throughout my months of learning with him he was always very relaxed and friendly, no matter how many times I messed up! I never felt like lessons were a chore or something I dreaded as he made them fun and something I looked forward to. I ended up passing first time with a clean sheet and that is largely down to Kev's way of teaching and commitment to getting you through your test. I would highly recommend him as an instructor.

  • Ben

    Kings Somborne, Hampshire

    Kev is an absolute mastermind on everything to do with cars and driving, who also provides good banter during lessons! I thoroughly recommend Kev to anyone looking to learn to drive. Driving with Kev is entertaining and relaxed, and most importantly turns you into a safe driver. Thanks Kev!"

  • Amy

    Winchester, Hampshire

    I cannot thank Kev enough for all his help! After previously having two useless instructors and wasting time and money I finally came across Kev Tanners Driving School. I was quite a nervous driver before, but Kev put me at ease and made our lessons enjoyable and fun and was always making jokes which made me relax and be more confident. Kev was very patient with me (especially when I was always stalling) and he made manoeuvres easy to understand. Kev also helped me find my first car and went with me on a lesson to go test drive it to make sure it was okay. He went the extra mile and I cannot recommend him enough for people wanting to learn to drive. I passed first time in July and I couldn't of been more happier!